Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Photoshop, Classes, On Line Learning

I went to a scrap booking class the other day and ended up learning about photography. It sounds kind of obvious I guess but I had not made the connection. To me, scrap booking was paper, note cards, layouts. A pastime project. I had no idea that the photo could make the difference between an exceptional layout and a plain one. The funny thing here is that I don't do scrap booking. I do love card making, and I love photography. And it was here that I found some resources that I think will make my photo editing better. Check out the website for some very detailed, reasonably priced on line photoshop editing courses. Take some time to read her story and how she came up with these wonderful tutorials.

As I was paying my bill for all the paper, stamps I just had to have (I am sure some of it will show up at some point on my ETSY site!!) I was looking at the wall behind the counter and there was a series of photos that had been edited using Photoshop! And the photos they used were cherry blossoms. I was amazed how different they looked. If you have seen my photos in past posts you will know how many cherry blossom photos I have taken! So for $40 I am signing up for this class here. I will be going to a PhotoShop class on photo editing, in a Scrapbook Store for just $40! What a deal. I will pass along the learning once I take the class!

And then, you know how I just have to recognize other bloggers, etsy sellers that have passed along their information to help me with my business? Well, I came across a fellow ETSY photographer Laurie Ryan of LaurieRyanPhotography and had to have the picture she took of the Woodpecker feeding its babies. You have to check it out, its spectacular. Anyway, she gave me so many good ideas. Here are a few:

"I do have a few suggestions for you, retake some of the stamp images as they are blurry and the item will sell faster if its clear. For your images, don't use a watermark. What I do is greatly reduce the size and resolution before listing it, it will protect your copyright much better then a watermark. All a watermark will do is keep you out of treasury's and off the Featured Product Section, which you don't want. Watermarks can also be very easily removed with any photo editing soft ware. Cool eagle images I see you have a nesting mom near you. here is what I was told about wild bird images: The eye of the bird must be in good clear focus and the light must be reflecting off the eye so a person can see it clearly. Always keep the light at your back for that, sometimes that isn't always possible! Trust me I know that for a fact but try to keep that in mind when photographing birds and never ever use a strobe that disturbs the wild life, I never use one out in the woods. a good example of an excellent image with clear eye focus and light is your squirrel image very good job! Good luck and happy shooting, remember to always have fun when you are out with your cameras. That is the most important part." -Laurie

Isn't that enough inspiration and encouragement to keep going? Keep trying. Those helpful words are available to everyone. There are so many people on ETSY just willing to help, offer advice. Don't be afraid to ask.

She gave me many more suggestions because you know me...I Kept Asking! As I weed through the answers, check out her recommendations I will continue to post!

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