Saturday, August 8, 2009

Mermaid Cottage Coffee

There is a blog on the web Mermaid Cottages and its really a peaceful little place to go on Tybee island somewhere in Georgia where the pace seems much slower, the residents embracing the tourists and the setting sun. The cottages offer coffee in their homes and Mermaid Cottage is looking for a name for their coffee blend! I woke up this morning and was inspired to create this label! Now you all know I am just learning Word Art, PhotoShop and all that entails, but it was so much fun seeing where my thoughts and inspiration could take me. Here is the final draft. What do you think? Go on over to Mermaid Cottage and leave a Coffee Blend Name, you might just win a free jar of Mermaid Coffee!


  1. OMG- this is so cute!!thank you so much! i'd like to talk to you about this soon as we figure out our winner! may i share this on my blog as well?

  2. Of course. I was just doing this for fun. You can do whatever you want with it! Thanks for looking!

  3. How cute! You did a great job.