Friday, February 5, 2010

A Contest and a Great Site!

I am all about showcasing people that are teaching! The Savvy Photographer not only has a great site filled with information, but she is also having a giveaway! Click here to enter! The Savvy Photographer

I have been focusing on photographing birds in flight. I find a bird feeder where they are flying in for food, focusing my camera to the side of the feeder and catching them landing, taking off, grabbing food, etc. Some things I am learning. When using this technique be very aware of what is in the background.

My first attempts had a big sign in the background and while I got some great shots, I couldn't use them with the sign in the back.

Focus in on the space closest to the feeder, but not the feeder. If you focus on the feeder, the feeder will be clear but the bird blurry.

Be patient. You will have to take a lot of pictures to get just one good shot! Trust me. But so worth it.

For these shots I am using a digital Canon Rebel Camera, with a 300mm Zoom lens. I am still struggling with focus, blurry images, etc. But each time I think it gets a little better!

Have fun. I would love to see your pictures!

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