Thursday, March 26, 2009

Learning Photography

I have always viewed myself as a dabbler in just about everything. I latch onto new ideas, projects, crafts like challenges calling out to me. I have found though that I love photography. But I am not a patient photographer. I want to take pictures fast and furious in hopes of getting one good shot. I don't read the instruction manual, haven't tried to understand the modes, knobs, switches etc. Recently I began using a Canon Digital SLR camera with a zoom lense. I have used it to take all the eagle photos, flower photos you see here, and I just love the way it feels in my hand. I posted many of my photos on ETSY (No sales yet by the way) and I have played around with the images.

But recently I have started comparing my photos to others and I have been frustrated with the lack of sharpness in my photos. I had thought my photos were amazing, but when put up against a fine photograph I could see some improvements needed to be made.

So, I purchased a book on the Canon Rebel and began to read. It is amazing what I am learning about the camera, how to look at shots, how to adjust exposure, why you adjust exposure and more. I can't emphasize enough the importance of learning the art of photography. Many of us don't have the time to take a class, and many can't afford it, but the library and book stores have so many "How to Books" that can help you master any skill. The next time I go out in search of the perfect photo I will be better equipped to take my time to get the right shot.

I am not reading it front to back in a fort night, but taking one chapter at a time, slowly absorbing the information and applying it as I go. I feel comfortable now with all the bells and whistles, and have learned a few things that I am can improve on to get better photos.

I think my next step will be a class as it will give me the chance to perfect what I am learning. For now I will be an amrchair adventurer in the area of photography.

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